Sunday, 17 June 2018


This weekend I had a long list of chores and then the DBEM added to it so I've been very busy.
And now with all the items crossed off my list I am feeling tired and virtuous.
The sweet peas are planted out.   Hopefully there will be a fragrant show in Spring.   11 of the 20 seeds planted actually sprouted which considering the seed was two years old is not a bad strike rate.
Christmas ornament number three was completed.   All three have the word Joy so I am going to look through my books for something a little different for the others.   Meanwhile I am stitching small red and green baubles for gift tags to use up the scrap of linen left over from this ornament.

And then next on the list is to construct the large hardanger angel.   I finally found a plastic spray bottle the correct height and have all the ingredients ready to go.   So next weekend's project is an angelic one.


  1. At least you've still got some lovely colour in your garden Margaret. Sweet peas are such pretty flowers, I've never grown them.

    1. Thanks Ann. I grow them as the DBEM loves them and they take up little time in care. The pink daisy bush must think it's Spring as it's still flowering well.

  2. I had the same last weekend - lots of to does to clear of, which left me tired, but happy! Well done on the ornament.

  3. What a lovely ornie, very delicate.

    I stitched a Joy one for Clare's tree a couple of years back.