Wednesday, 20 June 2018

And another

Another scrap of linen and the gloss not yet put away in the cupboard so I've started Ornament number four.   This looked like turning out too big so I opted for over one which will try my patience!
The colours are Threadworks Christmas Green and Christmas Red - at least that's what I call them.

It's cold again tonight but we've had a mild patch for a week or so and today as I walked to work I noticed that the cherry tree in the churchyard had a couple of blossoms on it.  Maybe we will skip winter this year?

The DBEM gets worried when I walk in the rain.   This is the same woman who years ago thrust me out into raging southerly storms telling me I wouldn't dissolve in a little moisture!  Positions are sure reversed now and I am slowly coming to the conclusion that it must be far easier to care for an aging parent if one has raised a child.   But day by day we grow older together:-)


  1. Everytime I tried over one I gave up - it looks amazing but I didn't enjoy the process enough to continue!!

  2. I adore over one stitching and this is a beauty!

  3. Lovely ornament. Your over one stitching is perfect!
    I wonder if the reverse is also true - is raising children easier after caring for you aging (grand)parents?