Monday, 4 June 2018

Finally a finish

Today is a public holiday here - the official observance of the Queen's Birthday.   Little Brother and his wife visited but I did have today to catch up on my long list of To Do. 
I made a new back cushion for the DBEM's armchair.   She's happy to have a softer back rest.   Little Brother had helped me staple new fabric on the arm rests which had worn through.   That particular armchair was given to my maternal Great-grandfather when he retired from some exalted position in his masonic lodge.   Whatever, it is a very comfortable chair and one day I intend to inherit it and at that time take it to a cabinet maker for a "rest and restoration".  Meanwhile the DBEM will happily continue to use it.
And the apron is complete- here modelled by the DBEM.   I am pretty happy with this and can see several others being created between now and Christmas. 


  1. That apron is so pretty I'd be afraid to cook while wearing it! :)

  2. What a lovely finish! The stitching and fabric work very well together.