Saturday, 23 June 2018

Construction Zone

It has been a busy day chez nous but I did manage to go for  a long walk in the sunshine, do the grocery shopping, visit the library and take the DBEM out for lunch.   Clever moi!
Tonight I have completed the gift tags -  voila.   These have turned out just as I envisaged and I am pleased with them- there just may be more on the horizon.
Also I completed 2018 Ornament Number 4 - as a a small hanging pillow.   Yes I am satisfied with this one too.
And now I have the Hardanger Angel half clothed, needing arms and some hair on her head.   Photos will follow as she is not looking very beautiful yet. 
Then the only thing in the finishing basket is a Quaker Friendship Book which I had forgotten about.  I will get busy on that one as it doesn't appear to be too difficult to finish off.
But now, the DBEM has her hot water bottle and I have a date with The Hotel Inspector.


  1. Lovely work on the gift tags and the ornie.
    I trust The Hotel Inspector is on TV and not popping round to check out the DBEM's accomodation!

  2. Lovely finishes, and great job at getting your finish-basket almost empty! Mine is far from it still...