Saturday, 5 May 2018

Fruits of her labours

This morning I took the DBEM and the collection of small knitted garments to a local Hospice Charity shop where she was warmly welcomed.  "Oh thank goodness you're back.   We've had people asking where the knitteds were this year" and all afternoon the DBEM has been warmed by the kind words of the shop manager and her friendly assistant.
It was certainly a colourful bunch of knitting and the manager said they retail them at around $25 each so at 26 garments it was a good donation to a worthy cause.   It has been a happy day for the DBEM.
I completed the stitching on yet another bookmark and am working on a small scissor fob - using up scraps of linen. 
But I also went through each copy of my collection of New Stitches magazines and bade them a nostalgic farewell.   I shall be finding another home for these as I never refer to them now. 
I helped my friend's parents clear out her house recently.   I had thought her to be quite a minimalist but there was still a lot of stuff for her bereaved family to clean up and I am determined not to be in the same position!   Also I have recently read The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning and thought I could benefit from learning a lesson or two from that!   Over the last three years with retirement in mind I have been practicing living on less (the amount of the national pension ) and now with just over 17 months to go till actual retirement it seems like a good time to start to learn to live with less.   


  1. Your mum is well on with Action for Happiness's keys for a happy life. Her garments would tick the Giving and Meaning boxes. (See I have nothing to do with this movement except that I check their website a few times each week and am always inspired)

  2. Your mom's work is wonderful! Love your latest bookmark - the open work always amazes me.

  3. Well done to your mum Margaret and to you as I know you put them together. I've heard of this form of de-cluttering, in fact I mentioned it to someone at work a couple of days ago and they hadn't heard of it. I can see the sense in it having cleared out two homes in the last year or so.

  4. Brava to your Mom and to you for the
    handwork that will bring joy to so many
    Meaningful time given to meaningful purpose...

  5. Wow, she knows how to keep busy, what a colourful collection!
    I'm trying to clear out the house too, it's a long process.

  6. The knitting looks wonderful. I am pleased they charge a reasonable amount for them too. A nice fundraiser.
    I wish I lived closer, I'd have the entire collection on the New Stitches! Like I need another set of magazines!

  7. Your mum has been very busy! So nice to hear how her work is appreciated.
    The bookmark looks great, such an interesting technique!
    I want to start cleaning out a bit as well. It gets cluttered so quickly, and there are always things you just don't need anymore...