Saturday, 28 April 2018

A construction marathon

I've had a couple of days annual leave and apart from some errands for the DBEM my time has been my own.   Unfinished projects needed to be done and so I ran a construction marathon:-)
First up two bookmarks
There is some satisfaction in having mastered this Aztec Stitch bookmark.   I finished a cream monotone one too but that has been given as a gift already.   These two will stay in my box of "finished but with no permanent homes" box of goodies - here's a couple of fuzzy shots.

Also completed are four Marken Mice.
And what;s next?
Well, a hardanger border for an apron and a piece of Myreshka.   Previously I've stitched a couple of pieces of Ukranian Myreshka but I was afraid I had all but forgotten the technique so am giving myself a refresher course.   As well I have printed off three Christmas Ornament charts from the old Gift of Stitching digital magazine and will make a start on those too once they are kitted up.
The DBEM isn't well so I'm confined to quarters a little more and am finding ways to improve the shining hour.


  1. Nice finishes! I might try another Aztec stitch bookmark. The first one I made had some difficulties, but I was able to finish it.

  2. Interesting Aztic stich bookmarks and the mice are gorgeous.

  3. I hope your mum feels better soon Margaret, it's hard to watch our parents age and slow down. Your little mice are a delight.

  4. The mice are adorable! Those Actec Stitch bookmarks seem to be flying off your needle now that you've gotten the tricky stitch figured out!

  5. Wonderful bookmarks. Is shining hour a reference to How doth the little buzzing bee improve each shining hour? A poem I had to memorize in grade 4 and remember bits of still. Meanwhile can't remember where my glasses are...

  6. Love those little mice, they are so cute! The bookmarks are great too.
    I hope that Mum perks up a little and can maybe come out for a trip with you.
    I always think of Lewis Carroll - How Doth the Little Crocodile! I learned a lot of poetry via Lewis Carroll before I discovered the original versions.
    Same with popular songs and the Muppets!

  7. Some great finishing work! I hope you and mum will be out and about again soon.

  8. Lovely bookmarks and the mice are adorable! You make them look easy to make!