Sunday, 15 April 2018

Constructing a Marken Mouse pincushion

Some time ago Deb asked how a triangular piece of stitching could turn into a mouse.
So starting from this....
I back stitch a square around at the required distance (note to self -  accuracy is important here.  Must be square!)
Behind the open work slip stitch a piece of bold coloured fabric.   This time I have used cobalt blue silk.
Then fold in half to create a triangle and stitch almost closed - allow a space to insert sufficient stuffing.
Close up the gap and join together .
Satin stitch a black nose, add whiskers and french knot eyes.  This is a pin cushion so toning pins are necessary.   Tonight's mouse still needs two tiny pink ears but I haven't fetched the box of felt yet:-)

Clear as mud?   I've not used one of these pincushions but the mouse is a cute addition to an embroidery display -  and they sell well on sales tables.


  1. I don't use mine as a pincushion - it's far too nice to stick pins in!!

  2. Thanks so much for the explanation and pictures - mouse is very cute!

  3. How cute! I couldn't see the mouse in there before you completed it either.

  4. Your mouse is adorable! I couldn't bear to stick pins in him either.

  5. I’m happy you had a nice send off from your old job. I have a Pandora charm bracelet and like your earrings. Your little pin cushion mice are adorable.

  6. Nice finishes! I might try another Aztec stitch bookmark. The first one I made had some difficulties, but I was able to finish it.