Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Three Blind Mice

I'm enjoying my "diversion from planned route" into Marken Mice.
Three are in the process of escaping from needle and linen.
Stage one is the foundation - not your normal Kloster Block but over six fabric threads.
Stage two is cut threads, woven bars and eyelets.
Stage three is filling stitch.
Apart from one frustrating episode of reverse stitching these have been a therapeutic diversion but will soon be complete and it will be back to Arabian Nights:)


  1. Lovely!

    Um, are they really going to be mice, or am i missing something?

  2. What an adorable little mouse! I had to search your blog to find the finished piece. Back in 2009!

  3. While getting distracted from Arabian Nights, you're making so many pretty things!