Friday, 13 April 2018

Final Day

Today was my last day at the office and from Monday I start at the new one - just fifteen minutes walk down the hill.   My colleagues put on a wonderful morning tea and presented me with two great gifts.
Pandora sparkly earrings

and a Westfield Gift Card with some healthy food (dark chocolate is said to be healthy!)
So it was a strange day as I completed tasks, reassured my boss that she would survive the change to a new PA and signed off.
Now I have a wet weekend to survive.   Wouldn't you know it - the weatherman says Monday is to be wet too.   Just when I will be starting to walk to work.  Fortunately I have a good raincoat, large umbrella and boots:-)

And a confession -  Arabian Nights has been put into respite care and I am back to enjoyably counting linen and using up a scrap of cream linen to create four Marken Mice and three Aztec Stitch bookmarks.   I have mastered the dratted Aztec Stitch bookmark chart.   Thread groups have to be in a multiple of four + one.   Worked perfectly this time.   Progress shot tomorrow as there are decisions to be made.  I'm trying a variation of style and may need to poll comments to help me decide.


  1. Lovely gifts Margaret, it will be good to work closer to home. Silly question - can you not drive to work when it is wet?

  2. Good luck in your new job on Monday, I hope you don't get too wet on your walk there.

  3. Lovely earrings and enjoy spending that Gift Card.. All the best at your new job, new start for you.

  4. Lovely earrings and a gift card is always nice.
    Good practise for the retirement leaving do in a couple of years too!
    If you are walking, get in the habit of leaving a change of shoes and tights at work as well as a spare umbrella.

  5. It's nice to see how much you're appreciated at work :) I hope the transition to your new position worked well!

  6. Thanks so much for the explanation and pictures - mouse is very cute!