Thursday, 17 May 2018

Slow progress in tiny circles

Ukranian whitework is densely covered and very time consuming.  Last night I was tired and the round eyelets all but defeated me.   I reversed out of the quandary and tonight made a fresh start. 
Yeah!   All is going well at present -  one diamond all but completed.  Those branches come at each corner and are a welcome relief after round eyelets.   Although the instructions say do the satin stitch first and eyelets last.   I'm going to try the other way around on the next diamond.  Might help my patience levels if I do so.
Today when I came home from work I needed to rake up leaves.   It's Autumn here and the landscaper who planted trees on this property loved deciduous.  Above the ramp which the DBEM uses are two large Pin Oak trees whose russett leaves fall gently and cover the path.   How poetic is that?   But poetry still makes a slippery  path for the DBEM and her walking frame. 
Then at the bottom of the steps which I use is a tall Indian Bead Tree which sheds its millions of golden leaves all over the steps and paths.  (This photo taken on a foggy morning as I went off to work). They form a dense carpet that needs raking up on a daily basis.  Apparently in Kenya the farmers use the leaves as fodder for cattle to improve milk yield.   I think I need a cow on site here!
I'll be back tomorrow after some more stitching and raking of leaves.


  1. I understand about the leaves. We have so many here at school and with the wild windy weather in stratford it seems to be worse.

  2. Your stitching is lovely, as are the autumn leaves - having to rake them up much less so! I think a cow would make for a wise investment ;)