Saturday, 12 May 2018

A coffee date

I promised a friend we'd meet up for coffee and I paired it with this delicious Pistachio and Pear tartlet. 
Then tonight I had to work the calories off so have been busy stitching on a Christmas Ornament. 
Does anyone remember Gift of Stitching - the web based magazine from back in the day?   This is one from there.   I have fallen in love with it, but as I've said before, my Christmas tree cannot fit another ornament.   So this one will go to another home.
I have another new project ready to start so when the green line and the last Rhodes stitch are done I will begin the Ukranian project.   Problem with that is that the DBEM and I have differing opinions on which pattern to choose.   Watch this space!


  1. Such a pretty ornament! Looks to be not horribly difficult, but very elegant. Looking forward to seeing what you pick next.

  2. If only stitching really did burn all those calories! It's a lovely ornament, though.

  3. Stitching burns 86 calories per hour! The ornament is lovely, I have the CDs with all the issues on. I used to subscribe and really enjoyed every issue.