Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Butterflies like flowers

I have been struggling to find something a use for the last of this linen and on a delve into the stash of hardanger books this butterfly flew out.
Today I went to The Ribbon Rose and got this floral fabric needed to complete the project (and thread and bias binding).   Once my new sewing cabinet comes I will stitch it all together and will need to wait for that!
The local council did their biennial inorganic rubbish collection today and my old broken sewing cabinet, a has-been vacuum cleaner, Grandma's borer ridden chest of drawers and two broken suitcases were taken away by the muscle men from Waste Management.   I really appreciate this service and was happy to have these items removed at no cost to me. 
This afternoon I ordered my new sewing cabinet which will be delivered in a week or so.   We have a long holiday weekend at the beginning of June to celebrate the Queen's Birthday so I hope to get some sewing done then - I have three items on the list which may be a little ambitious:-)


  1. Lovely needlework Margaret, you put everything to such good use. Your new cabinet looks great, enjoy it when it arrives.

  2. Such a lovely butterfly.
    Out with the old so you can enjoy the new, have fun with it!

  3. amazing work! very lovely!

  4. The butterfly looks great and I am looking forward to seeing you you'll finish it. Also, hooray for a bit of spring cleaning - or I guess autumn cleaning in your case.