Sunday, 13 May 2018

Mothers Day and another new start

Happy Mothers Day to the DBEM.
She loved the surprise Raspberry Mousse cake.
I always call her Mother not Mum but the cafe wasn't to know that were they?   Whatever, the DBEM loved this.  Today we went out for a drive to sit at the beach and watch the small children and dogs cavort in the cool water.   It is still amazingly warm here - 23 degrees celsius today - and yet in a couple of weeks it will officially be winter?!

As you know Cross stitch fails to hold my interest for long and I need my fix of a more challenging counted project.  So along with this years Christmas Ornaments I am stitching a piece of Ukranian Whitework from the book by Gay Eaton. 
Tacking out the shape of the bag that this will become had me counting over four for several metres (the blue lines)and then I read the book and found that Ukranian is done over a three count!! 
However I have made a start now - being "whitework" this is done in a monotone and the thread is a close match to the fabric so rather hard on the eyes.   This will be a long lasting project but I am looking forward to see it grow.


  1. Like you I always called my maternal parent Mother. I think she (and I!) would have enjoyed that cake though.

    I am in awe of your needlework skill and patience.

  2. Happy Mother's Day to your mum Margaret. Our Mother's Day was in March and I sorely missed my mum.

  3. This will be beautiful!

  4. What an exquisite project and if anyone
    can do it to perfection, you can, Margaret. Happy Mothers' Day to our
    beloved DBEM ~

  5. Cut new stark! Whitework is fascinating to look at. The cake for your mum looks delicious!

  6. What a lovely treat for Mother.
    Another challenging but gorgeous project too. I shall enjoy watching your progress.