Saturday, 19 May 2018

Finishing Day

Tonight watching a surfeit of Royal wedding documentaries (while waiting for the real thing) I have finished off two items.
Here's how to use a minuscule scrap of linen - a scissor fob.  And the two sides are different.   Fiddly and unlikely to be repeated.
And Christmas Ornament number one.   Not sure I like this shape for ease of finishing but for an ornament which is only in use briefly once a year this will suffice.
Now I'm back to Harry and Megan ;-)


  1. Loce the octagonal Christmas Ornie.

  2. I didn't see it till after the event and then just dipped in and out. I get fed up listening to the commentators rattle on. I love seeing what everyone is wearing though:-)

  3. Beautiful finish for the Ornie!
    I do hope you both enjoyed the Wedding. I can send you the Sunday Times coverage if you like? They did a nice special this morning.

  4. Great use of your waiting time! That little fob surely does look fiddly.