Thursday, 5 September 2013

Blue Blackwork...

Should this still be called blackwork if stitched in navy blue?   Ah, one of life's little mysteries.
Many years ago a colour expert told me I shouldn't wear black but navy blue was pronounced quite suitable.   I wonder if that "pearl of wisdom" was what influenced my choice here?   I don't think so!   In actual fact,  I couldn't find my DMC 310 and this was next best.  
What do you think of progress so far?   The tacking threads defining each square will be removed at the end which will probably change the look of the whole piece completely.
Truth to tell I am not overly fond of blackwork but have you seen this designer's wonderful pieces.   Pamela (one of my followers) has a note about Jeanine's blog Italian Needlework which showcases a fantastic designer and I admit to being tempted on some of the designs there.   Hop on over and have a look.
The only other news of importance from my place is that the postman delivered a large parcel this morning.   Look at all the lovely Japanese goodies.
 Sonoko goes to such a lot of trouble to send me all sorts of Japanese crafts and treats.   Don't you just love the coasters - I particularly like the one shaped like a fan with a touch of sashiko. 
And there was a box of Halloween chocolates - so cute they will probably not last to Halloween!
Actually on Monday morning there was another large parcel came full of Japanese rice cracker cookies but that was addressed to the HD3QBEM and she has hidden them all away so that I don't get to eat any of her favourites!!   She loves it when Kazumi sends boxes of these treats to her and this birthday gift brought a real smile to her face.   Thank you Kazumi.  
Oops.... the HD3QBEM says she didn't hide them -  just put them in the pantry and I am to put up a photo of the rice crackers too!
Well that's all the news from my place. I'm off to do some more navywork!


  1. Margaret I read an article a few years ago about colourwork but what it was but balckwork done in coloured threads. Regardless of colour it is really just blackwork and one of the loveliest forms of embroidery to stitch I hope you enjoy your piece look forward to seeing it completed.

  2. What lovely Japanese treats. I'm in Japan and haven't seen them here, but there are so many nice things here. I am tempted to look for those delicious chocolates!
    Your blackwork is beautiful. I made a blackwork checkerboard (black thread on red fabric) a number of years ago. It was a Marion Scoular design. I had it framed so it could be played on, but so far hasn't been.
    I've made a small amount of progress on my blackwork kitchen towel and may post about it in a day or two.

  3. If black work, is black, and red work is red... then surely your blue stitches are blue work.
    Very pretty little coasters.

  4. Wonderful bluework :) And amazing boxes from Japan. What wonderful trips. I loved there for a year and a half about 30 years ago....Don't think that I will ever get to go back.

  5. Wow so beautiful blue work and very pretty boxes demo Japan...
    Sweet little coasters..
    Hugs x

  6. Your blackwork piece is turning out lovely! Are you stitching it so it is (semi) reversible? I have to admit, when I stitch "blackwork" I just do it like backstitching and don't try to make it reversible.

  7. Love your navywork! I did hop over to Pamela's blog and wow! I can see why you're being tempted. I see more blackwork in my future. ;)

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  9. Navywork sounds like it could be quite a different proposition than blackwork! LOL I like it. Maggie thinks I shouldn't wear black either, "a little cull-ah" she always says. And now, to avoid her disapproval, I always do. :)

  10. Your Blackwork is very-very nice!