Saturday, 21 September 2013

An almost finish, an almost started and a part way done!

Today was an almost day.   New Zealand almost won the Americas Cup yachting race, wasting a couple of hours of my precious time in the process and starting my day off in the way it was to continue ;-)
This afternoon was Embroiderers Guild and I started this small Christmas Ornament.   Our speaker was so interesting my attention was diverted and this is only an 'almost finish' which I plan on completing tonight.   It will become a triangular ornament for the Christmas Tree.
I have decided to up-cycle a skirt which I bought for my nephews wedding eight years ago and have only worn twice.  The wedding was in my pre-digital camera days so I have no photo to show you.  
But the skirt is now far too big and as I like the colours, the questionable ruched bottom was removed.  The elasticated waste unpicked.  Now I have fabric to cut a pencil skirt and make it to fit.
In a couple of weeks I should have the knitting you see to the side complete -  a cotton cardigan to wear with the skirt.   Success is almost guaranteed.   (Is this how the New Zealand yachting team feel?)  So this is my 'almost started'
My conscience is screaming at me to finish my UK Trip book which is neither an 'almost start' nor an 'almost finish' but rather a boring old 'part way done'!!   Here is the current state.   Aren't those two houses cute?   Hopefully tonight I will get the tall crane? adit? completed.   Give me a week and I plan on having this project move to the 'almost finish' state.  
And next?   Yes I have that sorted and here is a shot of the materials and a hint of the project!

Have a good evening.


  1. Cute ornament! The striped fabric will make an excellent pencil skirt. Hmmm wondering what you will be making with those blue pieces of material. They're really pretty. :)

  2. The ornament is a very interesting design. Is this thread DMC 115? I like it!
    What a skillful seamstress you are to be able to change the skirt. Is this the outfit for the button necklace?
    I'd hardly call the part way done project "boring". You are so good to stay with things to completion.

  3. Love the skirt. Can't wait to see how you remake it!

  4. What fabulous colors in both your pencil skirt (good-bye ruching!) and the mystery project.