Saturday, 14 September 2013

A day out in the city ...

The weather was kind enough to allow my day out in the City and kindly saved the rain until the bus ride home.  It was very windy though and the ferry ride across the harbour was bumpy.  
There were lots of small yachts and catamarans out on the harbour -  I think all New Zealanders have yachting fever at the moment as our boat is doing so well in the Americas Cup racing in San Francisco.
I had a delightful time crossing items off my shopping list and a less than delightful time agonising over which spectacle frames to choose.   "Can you read the bottom line" and "Is it better this way or this" are a lot easier questions to answer than, "do you like this one" when you can't even see the frame clearly.   However, ably assisted by a capable technician I was persuaded convinced that Tom Ford was for me and a pair of spectacles were duly ordered.   My lenses are to be made in Germany so the pain of paying the expensive bill has been delayed until they are delivered!   By the way who is Tom Ford?   Should I have heard about him?
So I have new spectacles -  well almost.   A new diary insert for 2014, new ink cartridges for my fountain pen, a couple of new notebooks (which I love but don't really need) and a new Christmas kit.  
Don't you think this should be easy to make?   I sure hope so.
Tonight I plan on stitching more of the Wales band of my UK Trip Book.   I can see light at the end of this tunnel.   The small colourful colliers houses should get their slate roofs tonight and hopefully the bottom row of Prince of Wales feathers can speed on its way to completion.   Desire usually outruns performance and I plan for much more than I accomplish.


  1. Lovy day out and sweet stitching
    Hugs x

  2. It sounds like a big adventure today.
    I don't know who Tom Ford is, but I googled the name and it looks like a line of eyewear and accessories - very fashionable items.
    The Wales band is looking very colorful. It must be very exciting to see it progress.

  3. Looks like you had a great day out. I've never heard of Tom Ford before either. The Christmas tree of triangles looks quite interesting and I love how bright and colourful your Wales band is turning out to be.

  4. Tom Ford is an American fashion designer and film director who got his start at Gucci. Therefore you have some fancy and very fashionable new spectacles!
    Sure enjoying watching your progress on your trip book.