Sunday, 22 September 2013

60 weeks until ..... number 4

Today Spring has finally arrived!   It is warm.  It is sunny and the cherry blossoms are a wonderful pink cloud.  

After the dreadful thunder and lightning last night, today's weather was a real surprise but most welcome.
This weeks new recipe is not really a new taste but I wanted to try this in my slow cooker.  
Slow Sweet and Sour Chicken.   The verdict is "delicious" and I will definitely try this one again, possibly even when I have guests for dinner as it looks great too.   I used tinned pineapple - well drained.

The Wales band on my UK Trip Book is half finished and tonight I plan to concentrate on that.   This afternoon I made a list of what stitching and sewing I want to accomplish before Christmas - that was a bad idea!  The list is daunting.   The HD3QBEM always told me "your eyes are bigger than your stomach" and obviously that holds true for more than just meals;-)


  1. How beautiful the cherry trees are!
    With Christmas just three months away, making a stitching list of what needs to be done before is a good idea.

  2. Aww such sweet trees..looking so pretty..
    Happy stitching x

  3. Thanks for the looks yummy.

    The trees look awesome...blossoms in the spring are the best, aren't they !

  4. I just visited the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC for the first time this April and fell in love with the sakura, as the Japanese call them. Aren't they gorgeous? Good luck with your stitching goals..