Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Finish and a Halfway ...

I completed the Blue Blackwork and am feeling pretty well satisfied with this one but decided that just the navy blue and white was a little stark.   So I put a running stitch of red sewing thread around the hem and voila!
This is the tenth page in my book for the NMMSAL.
Two more to go... and the next will be Fisherton-De-La-Mer.  
This was a technique of pulled work and surface stitchery which was initiated by a Mrs Newall to provide a cottage industry in the village of the same name in England.   Several years ago an embroiderer in the south of New Zealand resurrected this style of embroidery and I did a class with her.  
Dear Mrs Newall had a great love for bullion stitches but fortunately for me they are wrapped bullions and as such are a great deal easier on the patience levels. Basically the designs I have been taught are a special locked back stitch with bullions to decorate.   I am using 32 count Belfast linen (colour Amber) and DMC perle #12 in Ecru.  I have small trefoils of bullion to do at each point of  the outside trellis and then broken eyelets in each diamond.  More to come on this one later.
Quite a lot more work to do, so at this point I am putting this to rest for a time and will go back to my UK Trip Book.   I have the Wales band to do and so far have done one "leek".   Not the most exciting start ;-)
I'm off to do the dinner dishes and then pick up my needle and thread.


  1. Your blue/blackwork is lovely.
    I'm not a fan of bullion stitches either.

  2. The touch of red on your navy/blackwork piece looks great. Thanks for the little bit of history on Mrs. Newall. I love learning about the history of embroidery. Your whitework looks lovely. :)

  3. Wow your blur work is looking so pretty..l
    Sending you love x

  4. Your blackwork turned out so very nice! The red was a nice touch.
    I had not heard of Fisherton de la Mer. Your blog is very educational.

  5. Love the red touch. Perfect. You will have an amazing book when you are done. Looking forward to the Fisherton-de-la-Mer, which sounds like the kind of place that would be in a British cozy murder mystery. :)

  6. Congratulations on finishing your page, it's lovely