Saturday, 7 September 2013

60 Weeks until ... Number 2

Today I tried another recipe as part of my self-inflicted challenge.
Moroccan-style Carrot Salad is definitely a success  although I may have been a little heavy handed with the cayenne pepper ;-)  
I polished up the HD3QBEM's silver serving spoon especially for this photo but despite the effort I don't think it adds much.
And on to other news.   I have finished The Dress.   Did you hear the happy dance from your place? 
Hopefully at the wedding I can persuade someone to take a posed shot for me to show off.
After an hour or two of energetic effort my garden is planted out with beans, silverbeet (chard), redbeet, lettuce and just for balance sweet peas and geums.   The daffodils which miraculously appeared in my vegetable patch three years ago have generously provided many blooms this year (they must love being ignored?) and my freesias have been abundant too.   But women cannot live on flowers alone and I look forward to a harvest of fresh vegetables over the summer.

Tonight I plan to complete the Navy Blue Blackwork and perhaps get a start on the Wales band of the UK Trip Book.   Heston Blumenthal is on TV and will keep me company tonight.


  1. You are very ambitious and get so much accomplished. The carrots do look good. Fifty-eight recipes to go?
    You have finished the dress with time to spare. I'll bet you look radiant in it.
    All this and blackwork and cross stitch too! I'll look forward to seeing the stitching you post next.

  2. Those carrots look good! I agree with Pamela, you accomplish so much so quickly! Can't wait to see the dress and the Navy Blue Blackwork. :)

  3. Congrats on finishing the dress!