Monday, 2 September 2013

60 Weeks Until ...

It is 60 weeks until I turn 60 and my celebration has begun.
Just for a little fun I decided to try a new recipe each week for 60 weeks.  
And the first - Smoked Chicken and Red Pepper Risotto - has been declared a success by the HD3QBEM, my official taster-in-residence.   Can you imagine me standing over a stove stirring in the stock spoonful by spoonful?   No way!   This was all mixed together and cooked in the oven ie I did not follow the recipe exactly.   Easy peasy and super delicious.


  1. Good for you, I never follow recipes to the letter either. The whole idea with recipes and patterns is to tailor them to suit yourself. What a countdown Margaret, a real milestone. Mine isn't that far off either.

  2. Looks delicious, might have to give your method of cooking it a try too!

  3. As someone who hates to cook, I have to say you are very brave to try out a new recipe a week for 60 weeks! I am in favor of starting your birthday celebration 60 weeks ahead of the actual day, though.

  4. We belong to a cookbook club at the library and I am always a little impatient with people who change the recipe. If the point is for us to make and bring the dish so others can taste it, shouldn't we be true to the recipe? How else will I know if I want to cook it at home? BUT in all other instances, I'm all for making the recipe work for you. I hear you can make risotto in the rice cooker too. And you've found a good way to try new recipes. I have stacks of single magazine pages waiting for me. :(

  5. Great idea! Looks delicious too. :)

  6. Margaret,

    Could I use smoked chicken breast in place of the turkey breast? I've never heard of that kind and I have the chicken breast readily available!