Saturday, 23 May 2020

Progress on the Japan SAL

Embroidery progress has been rather slow this week as I am having problems with xerosis.   Yes!   Did you know there is a special medical term for dry cracked skin on fingers :-)   It makes stitching and knitting and most anything more problematic than usual  and has hampered progress.
But I have almost completed the left half of the Quakers in Japan SAL and must say that this is a most enjoyable project and one which I will happily pay for framing. 
The Birds stitching project is still in time out!  But I have knitted a small sweater for the two year old son of a friend and am about to start on a cardigan for his younger sister. 
Hopefully these will be done quickly as the weather is turning cold.   We had out first frost this week and the DBEM needed an extra blanket on the bed.
My garden is doing well and I have Swiss Chard (=Silverbeet) in varying stages of succession planting as this is the only green vegetable the DBEM's dietary intolerances will allow. 
And I'm learning about seed propagation so have seedlings just germinated.  By day these live on the laundry windowsill and have a brief hour or two in the sun each morning and are carried in to the warm kitchen area in the evening.   So far so good.   I may yet welcome the day when I can honestly say that gardening is fun :-)


  1. Have you tried Udderly Smooth cream on your hands Margaret - it's often used by chemo patients over here when their skin dries and splits. It comes in various forms and the one Alan was given was Moisturising Cream - Extra Care Cream - Unscented. You can buy it online.

  2. Great job on the little jumper, very cute.
    A good easy pattern is Flax (8ply) or Flax Light 5ply.Free pattern from Tin Can Knits, pattern covers newborn to xxx adult.
    Very easy to knit and can be lengthened in body or arms as is knit top down.
    Keep warm.

  3. The best hand-cream I ever used was a Body Shop Hemp cream. I have no idea if you can get their products in New Zealand, but it was very good.
    The Quaker in Japan is so beautiful, each little motif would make a good ornament on its own.

    1. Yes! This cream is really good. We have it stocked in all the bathrooms and next to the bed (each side). I also use Neutrogena foot cream when things get bad--but you definitely need gloves for that one.

  4. Oh, your Japanese sampler is so lovely. I also think the sweater is adorable!

  5. It's hard to think of you going into winter as our summer has just arrived. I enjoy seeing your progress on the Japanese Sampler.

  6. Great progress on the Japan Quaker, and that sweater is adorable!