Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Knitting completed and a new start

With half this year almost over I decided I had better make a start on the Christmas Ornaments for the nieces and nephews.   A pleasurable time was spent looking back through my large collection of JCS Christmas Ornament Editions and selecting several.   Size is one of the decision criteria so I had to be careful. 

The small cardigan for Sophia is finished and am really pleased with the way it went together.  I shall deliver the package of two knitteds to her mother later this week - when the rain has stopped?

Now I am back on the Quakers in Japan SAL and also The Birds.   Both of these need some undivided attention in order to make progress but an altercation once more with a carving knife means I have a bandage on my left forefinger which is slowing me down considerably and necessitating the use of rubber gloves to keep it dry.   A side benefit has been that my chapped and cracked fingers are having a chance to heal.  Yeah!


  1. Your Christmas ornament is looking good. I am
    in the same mode - I have finished 2 ornaments &
    have a few more to go. I like to get them finished way ahead so I can concentrate on samplers, etc. Hope you & your Mom are doing

  2. That looks an interesting Christmas ornament. Sorry to read that you've cut a finger. Cuts or burst blisters on fingers don't help with stitching. As you've probably guessed, I'm speaking from experience.

  3. Ouch, Margaret. I hope your finger heals up soon.

  4. You are so organised Margaret, beautiful stitching as usual and I looked back at your knitted items too, love that little jumper. Hope your finger heals soon.

  5. That's a nice little Ornament, you are being organised.
    Sorry to hear about the injury too, hope it gets better soon.

  6. Great start on that ornament! I heard you're out of lockdown now. Hope everything is well for you and your mum and that your finger is healing nicely!