Sunday, 14 June 2020

A Finish (or two)

Quakers in Japan is finished.   I put the last stitches in while watching a TV documentary of travels through Japan and mentally reliving my happy days there, all the while wondering when flights will resume and I will once again be able to visit.  Then I hear that Air New Zealand plans to start a once a week flight from July so maybe.....?
Anyway, my lovely sampler is finished and I may just wander over to Mr Van Uffelen this week and have him help me select a suitable frame:) The place on the wall is already selected.
Also finished is the small Christmas Ornament.  The black beads for the musical notes were a nightmare - I spilt them all over the carpet not once but twice!! This may be the only ornament this year.   With all that's going on I'm not sure I have the enthusiasm to make the usual quantity and distribute them. 
I'm back to stitching The Birds and want to get that finished.   Then there is a birthday gift which must be completed by the beginning of September.   After that there is only a piece of hardanger half done but which is not needed until March 2022 so I don't need to "bust a foo foo" on that one.


  1. What a fabulous finish, I hope you do get it framed this week.
    Your ornament looks lovely, and the beads look better on there instead of on the carpet!

  2. The Quakers in Japan is gorgeous. I love the cherry blossom tree in the centre.
    The motifs would make lovely Ornaments if you felt like a different kind of tree this year!

  3. Quakers in Japan didn't seem to take long to stitch. It's lovely.

  4. Your Quakers in Japan Is marvelous! I think Kiwis will be the only welcome travelers in the COVID world, but where will you want to travel? No one else has conquered it like you.

  5. The quaker is absolutely gorgeous! The pond of koi at the bottom and the cherry blossom tree are my favourite elements I think. Fingers crossed you'll be able to make that journey soon!