Saturday, 27 June 2020

Progress on The Birds

Despite a distinct lack of enthusiasm for this project I am making some progress and have now added two more birds and some more of the feeder/planter box. 
I average about one hour a day into this before I can take no more and put down the needle.  As the DBEM has needed a lot of help with her knitting I have been well occupied and between us we are whittling down the number of projects-on-the-go.
I did complete an embroidered towel which is for a birthday gift in a few months.   I was amazed to find this linen banding in my stash as it isn't something I would normally buy.   There is enough left over to make a book mark so this coming week I will look through charts to find something suitable.

All in all it has been a good week which I will finish up by shortening the legs on the DBEM's new trousers before I hit the sack.


  1. It is very hard to work on something that you
    are excited about. However, I think the birds are
    very pretty and the colors are wonderful.
    How are things going in New Zealand? Are things
    beginning to open up more? Most but not all
    businesses have reopened here (USA), still not
    sure if that's a good thing. Due to health issues, I am staying at home. Wishing you and
    your Mom a wonderful weekend!

  2. Always enjoy your posts Margaret. 😊

  3. Margaret, I am absolutely delighted to find your blog connected to your profile. (I have checked in the past but my computer is quite old and runs on an out of date 'something or other')
    I look forward to reading your posts and getting to see your lovely work. xx Nicole

  4. Such beautiful stitching Margaret, and you're doing well to do an hour a day, been there so know what its like.. I read some sadness in your comment on my blog, we've found moving here very hard to make new friends. We were just getting social meet ups with members in our reading group and lock down arrived. And of course you retired too, so you're missing work and colleagues too. Hope you'll meet new friends soon, is there a knitting or stitching group at your library? Take care Margaret.

  5. The birds are looking good. Little and often is the best way.

  6. Adding linen banding to a regular towel is a splendid idea - I've only stitched towels with an aida section woven in so far but this is much better, no messy bag visible!