Thursday, 26 March 2020


Thank you to all who have left comments on previous posts.   I am trying to post more regularly so I keep motivated and active. Before our lockdown started I read on a blog of another person in another country who had decided on "something productive, something in the fresh air, something cooked or made from scratch and something I love to do"  every day.   So today I have been out for a solitary walk around the block, baked scones and biscuits for the DBEM and for the other two the report is as follows...
My woollen jacket, sewn to wear out to my various activities is complete now - ready and waiting!
This afternoon I cut out a toile/muslin for a winter tweed skirt, fitted that and cut the fabric.
Fortunately there is a further supply of fabric in the stash box as I have a new Great Niece and need to make a summer dress for her.   Currently she and her family live in Switzerland but will return to New Zealand in time for our summer, once she is bigger and the current lockdowns are lifted.   Yesterday I even heard myself say that I might make her not only a dress but a matching rag doll.   This lockdown is addling my brain!!!
The Birds is progressing and this wing is now done.  I'm working on the rail of the feeder box which will hopefully ensure the next bird is in the correct place.   Colouring in the chart as I stitch is vital in this one and shows my ineptitude in cross stitch. 
I kitted up the first of this year's Christmas Ornaments too after some calculating to ensure it would come out the correct size. Eventually I settled on a scrap of 24 count linen and the suggested DMC threads.   I will stitch over one thread of fabric but probably with two threads of floss.  JOY seemed a suitable choice for this current situation and besides that, Christmas is not too far away:)

Until next...


  1. It was Lady Day yesterday so Christmas is nine months (less one day) away! Plenty of time to make a rag doll. ;)

  2. So enjoy reading your Blog Margaret. Christmas cross stitch will look fabulous worked over one fabric thread.

  3. That's a great agenda for every day! I don't always get fresh air but try to be productive as best as possible.
    You've been very productive certainly! Love the jacket and the stitching.