Saturday, 1 April 2017

This year's pilgrimage

Today I took the DBEM to the Hospice Shop to deliver her knitteds. A total of 30 this year  and a colourful photo they do make.   Lots of stripes - they seem easier for her to knit.
We were amazed at the warm greeting given by the two ladies running the shop who chatted to us for a while.  It was a lovely encouraging outing for the DBEM who isn't at all well and is much more restricted in what she can do.
I'm off now to do the last two items on today's list of chores.


  1. I know that I say it every time but I am so impressed by your mum's knitting and her commitment to doing this - I really admire her for it.
    It's so hard when certain things become difficult - I know that my mum often got frustrated when she was going through this.

  2. A grand collection of love!
    I think a striped pattern is a bit like a measuring stitch; it is easy to see your progress.

  3. It's good that your mother was able to go out with you. My father loved little outings like these and meeting people when he was still able for them.

  4. What a beautiful collection. Your mom must be very proud of what she has accomplished. Best wishes to her - I hope she feels better. And how are you doing? Lori (a lurker for a while!)

  5. So many! Very happy to hear your mom had a good time and that your together handwork was so appreciated.

  6. I think it is such a great thing for your Mom to have a hobby such as knitting and how fortunate are those to benefit from it.
    Love your sampler pretty.

  7. Wish I could reach that little shop around the corner, Margaret...I would
    leave with many of those beautiful sweaters toted up. Bless your Mom for
    her generosity of spirit and bestowing
    upon others. Though with difficulty, she has the gift of creating beauty, even if now a bit more slowly.. but beauty ..nonetheless. I so admire your devotion to her and to her interests.
    .. what a sweet example.

  8. What a great result for a year of knitting! Your mum must be really taltented and dedicated too. How great and heartwarming for her that her work is appreciated so much :)

  9. What an amazing feat and what beautiful knitting. What a mum you have, such love shown through her talent.. no wonder you were greeted with warmth. I hope that who ever buys one of these will have a note stating their origins. They are all wonderful.

  10. I am so pleased that the staff greeted her so warmly, it's nice to be appreciated. I hope you got a thank you for doing the sewing-up!
    They always look so lovely in the massed photo.