Thursday, 20 April 2017

Spring is coming ..... I hope

The days are beautifully clear this week with the crisp temperatures of Autumn.   On the walk to the office I pass the garden centre and am reminded that now is the time to plant Spring bulbs.   So this weekend I will plant these in hope of a fragrant display in Spring.
Last night the hardanger was mainly in reverse direction but all is well now and I hope to make better progress tonight.  The maybe I will put the roof on the stable and finish off the "picture".  Not far to go now but there are a lot of beads on this one.
End in sight though.


  1. beautiful stitching..
    happy spring x

  2. Your hardanger is beautiful, even if you have stitched it twice!

  3. Beautiful. Bulbs never disappoint--come spring you will be so happy you took the time to plant them--they will bring joy and happiness to you life

  4. Margaret, I have been following your clothes making with great interest and awe, as usual. Lovely fabrics and you are good at sussing out bargains. Sorry your road trip was a bust; so much crazy weather around the world. Beautiful Hardanger which is not easy to do. Good luck with planting...not here yet I'm sad to report.

  5. The hardanger is lovely, and I how your flowers will be as well :)