Sunday, 16 April 2017

Spot on

Two projects to show tonight.
First up my $5 top.   A local trader called Geoff's Emporium has end of roll fabrics at ridiculously cheap prices and these serve me well when I want to trial a pattern with little cost.   This spotted top is one such.   I copied this successfully off a casual T shirt top I bought years ago and which now shows signs of loving wear.  All in all spot on I think.
The Heirloom Christmas Nativity Sampler is nearing the end.   Thoroughly sick of the cross stitch nativity scene I ventured into the hardanger end piece.   Kloster blocks proved a challenge to get correct when this afternoon I had a pleasant interruption of Oldest Nephew and New Fiancee.   However persistence paid off and the result was spot on.
Tomorrow is what my UK friends call a bank holiday and more sewing is on the plans.   Also by then my equanimity may be restored and I can relate the sad tale of my planned Easter holiday :-(


  1. Oh no! The planned trip to Tauranga did not take place? Hope everything is ok with you and the DBEM.

  2. aww super sweet stitches..i love it so much.
    Happy Easter x

  3. Your top is a great make for the money.

  4. The Nativity Sampler is looking wonderful. It's always a relief when a border meets up and the hardanger is particularly difficult to see if you've missed one strand in one block!

  5. I admire how you just casually sew your own clothes. For me, each sewing project is still a great deal! Wonderful progress on the stitching too.