Thursday, 13 April 2017

My Faithful Friend

Fifty five years ago my father persuaded me to part with the huge sum of $300 to purchase a swanky new Elna SU.
Since then it has sewn me thousands if not millions of kilometres of beautiful even stitches and hundreds of buttonholes.  But today my friend failed me - the gearing on the buttonholer has seized up.  So I need to quickly get my next two projects finished before taking her off to her second ever mechanical overhaul.
Currently I have this fabric almost completed and when the final stitching is complete it should transform into this
And why have I had a day sewing?   We were planning to travel to Tauranga for a brief holiday over Easter but Cyclone Cook is disrupting plans and is currently making landfall just south of where we are booked to stay.   So we will travel tomorrow instead and I have made use of the time today.  See you when we get back:-)


  1. I hope you and your mother have a good Easter break. I've had my sewing machine over 30 years and it had its first overhaul a few months ago. Since then, it has been like new. Happy Easter.

  2. Stay safe and snug! Repairing a good machine is well worth every penny as I'm sure you know. Hope they get yours back to you in quick order.

  3. nice :)
    happy easter to you and your family!

  4. $300.....that would have been a fortune back then, my father paid that much for a block of land south of Sydney 55 years ago

  5. Fifty years, and still going strong! That's one quality sewing machine you got there. I bet after that overhaul she'll be good as new!