Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Just before the Easter long weekend Cyclone Cook made landfall in New Zealand - at almost the exact spot where we had beach accommodation booked.   Rather than brave the weather we delayed our departure by a day.   And so it seems did everyone else!  The roads were either blocked by large earth slips or gridlock.  The usual route being rendered impassable, I opted for the "long way round" and after  six and a half hours on the road and only travelling 175 kilometres the DBEM called it quits and we turned around and came home.  Lesson learned for me.   Staycations will be the way to go for the future - the DBEM hasn't been at all well since we came home :-(
But I have improved the shining hour and my sewing is up to date.   So much so that today I went and bought another length of fabric -  my favourite blue and grey/black combination for a winter dress.
I cleaned up up plastic box full of scraps and made this apron too.
And with the book finished (and highly recommended) I will be stitching tonight.   And back to work tomorrow :-)


  1. Stay-cations can be the most restful--especially if you have to deal with the aftermath of a cyclone! Actually, I have two planned for this year, and looking forward to both.

    How's the hand doing?

  2. I'm sorry the holiday was a no-show but it sounds like the right decision to make.

  3. How frustrating for you and your DBEM - hope she feels better very soon!

  4. oh dear i hope she feels better soon..
    love and smiles x

  5. I'm a big fan of staycations myself...but I also want to see the world! Why cant the world come to visit my on my couch? So sorry your planned trip didn't work out, but your sewing is lovely!

  6. Sorry to read that your holiday was not to be. I hope your mother is now feeling better.