Thursday, 30 March 2017

Christmas is coming....

A break from hardanger due to running out of thread means I'm back with the little crosses.
I'm currently working on the half done large motif at bottom left.  Then a couple of snowflakes will fill the gap near the centre top.  Snowflakes are whit but that won't work on Antique Whute linen so I auditioned several DMC before settling on 648.  Hope it works as I'm sick and tired of reverse stitching:-)
This is one quarter of the total Sampler - how fortunate it is still only March!


  1. Your use of the expression 'Reverse stitching' made me smile. How is your hand/wrist that you had injured? Is it fully mended or do you have some lingering niggles?

  2. This is such a beautiful sampler. I really like the way the touches of gold and green peek out amidst all the red. Beautiful work!

  3. Your blog header is snowy too!
    Lovely work, I like the little gold and green touches too.

  4. Looking great! Hopefully you can get a nice chunk done before you put it away again.