Saturday, 11 March 2017

Catching up

While confined to quarters by the Tasman Tempest which dropped a month's worth of rain in one night, I have time to catch up on my blog.
The splint may be off my hand but I have aches and pains which the hated splint kept at bay.   My physio seems happy so I try to be.  At least I can stitch.
I finally took a photo of my latest sewing - this was not a pleasant dress to make.  The print of the design was off grain and everything seemed to go wrong.  But for a cheap fabric it has turned out not too bad and makes a change.
I did choose my next project and dug into stash to find the ingredients.  All good.   I now need to tack out the linen and then we are away.   This will be a good use for a piece of Dublin linen which I had thought to coarse to use.
And this morning when I ventured out to do necessary chores it was WET!


  1. Pretty dress and gorgeous new project.

  2. The dress looks quite nice in spite of the print being off grain (ugh - that's so frustrating!). Very pretty fabric.

    Nice project you picked! Will enjoy seeing that appear on the fabric.

    So sorry about the aches and such - hope they diminish soon.

  3. The dress has a lovely print and you made a good job of finishing it too.
    Hope you continue to recover and get back to stitching again.

  4. You wouldn't think to look at your dress that you had the problems you did. It looks pretty. I like your new stitching project. Hopefully your hand's aches and pains will disappear soon.

  5. So happy the splint is gone and I really like your dress. I think it's awesome you can make something to wear. Anyway, try not to overdo with your poor fingers/wrist/hand.

  6. What a lovely dress! I wish I could actually make clothes for myself, I will need a lot more practice to get there! That hardanger bag looks challenging, but well worth the work, I hope it will be fun to stitch.