Friday, 24 March 2017


The DBEM had a visit from the postman today and even when I enquired on my daily lunchtime phone call as to what mail there was, she never let on.   So when I did get home it was a real surprise to see a well wrapped parcel from Japan.   Kazumi sent me this beautiful tin.

On White Day (in Japan the women give men chocolate on Valentines Day and on 14 March the men return chocolates to the women) Kazumi had received 14 boxes of chocolates and she generously shared with me.
Look at this....

But wait, there's more!

And the insides?   Well, the gold box is Godiva chocolates- far too posh for us:-(
I'll open it and show you those tomorrow!


  1. Yum, yum and again I say yum!!!
    Enjoy Margaret.......and your Mum

  2. What a beautiful surpise gift to receive.

  3. Kazumi must be really popular with the guys...or she has given out a lot of chocolate herself! How lovely of her to share.