Sunday, 10 April 2016

When I killed the computer I successfully killed my stitching mojo too.   Now the computer has been resurrected I am hoping my stitching speed will get back to normal and I can finish off the current projects.  
Last night I did manage to finish this hardanger strip that will be attached to the bib of an apron which is to be a gift.  It's April already and Christmas is coming ;-)   Another gift is in the preparation stages.   What do you think this will become?
Since delivering the knitted goods to the hospice shop, the HD3QBEM has picked up speed and already two new garments are finished.   Methinks there will be another trip to the yarn shop in the near future.   Some small detours for reverse knitting have been taken but the look of satisfaction on her face makes it all worth while.   I do the sewing up now as well as the search through the button tin and the general cosmetics associated with finishing.
Tonight I intend to indulge in some knitting and the Antiques Roadshow while I summon my strength for work tomorrow!


  1. Glad to see the computer is working and you are back to posting!

  2. Lovely to see you back Margaret, I missed my daily "visits".

  3. Welcome back to you and your mojo!
    The hardanger is lovely.

  4. That hardanger strip looks great! I love the colour.