Monday, 25 April 2016

Sewing and Knitting but no stitching

This weekend I have been sewing - taking up the hem on a pair of trousers for the HD3QBEM, taking in the side seams of a blouse for me.
I was issued a pair of uniform trousers for work and have very carefully tapered the legs of those so that I don't feel like a prison warden when I wear them!  Our departmental uniform could certainly not be described as feminine:-)

On the knitting front I am on the home straight of the right front.   The left front is done so I feel I am making good progress.    However this combined with the usual household chores and a visit to friends has meant there was no time for stitching.  

So no photos tonight.  I am hopeful of better things tomorrow.


  1. Are uniforms for work common in NZ? It seems like most workers in Japan, as well as school children, have uniforms. They are not so common in the US.

  2. Your comments about your uniform made me smile Margaret. I would never have the confidence to alter clothing - I know for sure that I would make a mess of it.

  3. Sounds like you're keeping needles busy.....take care -