Saturday, 16 April 2016

A day out

Today we decided to have a day out.   Where does the HD3QBEM want to go on a road trip?
We went down to Hamilton City, about an hour and a half south of here.   Hamilton has a scenic lake, beautiful botanic gardens, a great zoo, a lovely riverside park etc etc  So where did we go?
Yes!!!  The first time to this shop but we (by that I mean the HD3QBEM) have had to set our sights further afield as our prior catchment of yarn stores have all closed up and knitting snobs that we are, the acrylic yarns of the large chain stores just don't make the grade.   Goodness me, in a land crowded with white woolly sheep why would we ever want to knit acrylic yarn?
So we gathered further supplies and came home replete and satisfied:-)

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  1. Knit World, the perfect shop for your Mum. I cannot imagine why acrylic yarn is so popular either.