Monday, 18 April 2016

A memory lane treat

Near where I work there is a large Korean supermarket and today I found it also has some Japanese products.   I wandered those aisles and in my mind was once again back at home in Japan.   And then despite trying to shed the last kilo, I found myself at the checkout counter and six of these came home with me.
One for me and the rest for the HD3QBEM and I am satisfied.   Yum.


  1. In the states we would call this a moon pie. In the good old days they were bigger, the marshmallow part thicker and covered with chocolate. In an attempt to save money the mfg has reduced the size, the marshmallow filling is almost nothing and the chocolate barely covers the wafer cookie

  2. It looks similar to 'Wagon wheels' that you get in the UK. These are thinner though and it is a biscuit rather than a wafer between the marshmallow and chocolate.