Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Floral progress

A little more progress on the "T".   This is to be a gift for a 50th birthday but I doubt whether I will be able to include fifty different flowers.
So far there are Violets, Primroses, Dianthus, Solomon's Seal, Hollyhock, Shasta daisy, Forget-Me-Not and Lavender.   The white daisies don't show up too well in this photo.   Just as well they do in real life:-)
I have the next two days off: one day to go down country to a funeral and the other to oversee the Council workers who will come to take away my allocated one cubic metre of inorganic rubbish.   Once a year we can make an appointment for them to do this so I have decided to try the service and see how it goes.   I have no great expectations!


  1. Beautiful flowers! Doesn't sound like a happy way to spend two days off.

  2. Try to fit some stitching into your days off. The floral T is looking great.

  3. The letter T is so beautiful, but my name begins with J although you have the age right!
    Sorry to hear about the funeral.

  4. Your floral T is beautiful. I hope that the funeral you attended wasn't too distressful.