Friday, 29 April 2016

Another surprise

Today brought another surprise.   Little Sister sent a package to my work and in it was this cute coffee mug.   Won't this be the envy of the office?!   Thank you so much Little Sister.
And what is even more surprising.   My stitching mojo seems to have returned and I have finally finished the stitching on the Floral T.   Over the weekend I hope to finish in to a top for a tin and should then have a finish to show you.
Next I want to complete the stitching on the cylindrical hussif and if I can manage that then I plan to reward myself by starting a hardanger angel.   Nothing like bribing myself to complete projects:-)


  1. A cheerful mug. What a beautifully stitched letter 'T'. I hope you achieve your stitching goals soon.

  2. The T is so beautiful, your friend will love it.
    I usually bribe myself with stitching to complete blocks of the same colour.

  3. This 'T' is lovely! I don't embroider, only cross stitch so I am truly admiring your work.
    When I am getting toward the end of a project, I find myself wanting it to end and planning on what I want to stitch next.
    Best wishes to you & your Mom!