Thursday, 14 April 2016

And there are similarities...

The HD3QBEM has been searching out some photos for a project of mine and came across this one of my beloved Grandmother, her Mother.   I loved Grandma and always felt rather deprived that I didn't look like her.  
But in this photo I do see one similarity, we have the same rounded back!   I blame mine on long years in front of a computer but that would not have been her excuse when this photo was taken in 1924.   


  1. What a pretty lady, take off your glasses, Margaret, you might be surprised. Have you pictures of you at the same age? Get them out........!

    We have a rather old faded picture of my mum at about 4, could be my elder daughter.

  2. What a beautiful photograph! I am always trying to remember and remind myself to sit up straight.

  3. Oh Margaret, I blame mine on hours spent at a dining room table doing school prep when I was a teacher.
    Your grandmother looks very lovely.

  4. What a lovely photo of your grandmother. My sister looks almost exactly like our great-grandmother whereas I have inherited my nana's ability to talk for England!