Thursday, 4 October 2012

A Pear in Spring

Despite my promise to use only needles with no eyes this week and finish the small jacket for Tabitha, I found the chart for this pear here
I could not withstand the temptation so last night I found a needle with an eye, my DMC floss and a suitable scrap of linen from stash and this is progress so far. 
 I am loving the colours and as my chores for the evening are already done I plan on getting the stitching on this one finished tonight.
While the frenzy took me I also sorted out floss and fabric for a Cricket Collection Christmas Alphabet .... and made a small start.
No, not the whole alphabet silly!   Just one letter for a special friend - but today I was thinking.   She has only four letters in her name so perhaps I should stitch all four letters??
Only one day left of my working week and on Saturday there is the treat of an Embroiderers Day at a nearby Guild.   It is always fun to go to those and to see what others are stitching.   This month I have activities written on my calendar for every Saturday of the month including a one day workshop on Teneriffe Lace on the 27th.   Are you like me and suffer from acute "plan-ahead-itis"?   My Embroiderers' Guild newsletter only arrived in the post today and already I have mentally booked accommodation and participation at a distant Embroiderers Day in May next year!!   Whoa -  that may be one step too far Margaret as you have the HD3QEM to consider too.   Still dreams are free aren't they.  
And on that note of wisdom, goodnight to all.


  1. Cute stitches! And, may all your dreams come true!

  2. I agree Margaret, it's good to dream and plan even if we don't get there in the end. I love the Christmas Alphabet chart, I think I'd be tempted to do all four letters.

  3. I do like your alphabets! I miss the guild activities and the social stitching time. I'll have to be satisfied with reading about them for now.

  4. what a handsome pear! Love the look of the xmas alphabet too!

  5. Margaret,
    I received your comment on my blog, but I can't access your email from your profile - I get an error message. I've just added my email to my profile. Can you email me there? I love surprises!