Friday, 12 October 2012

The working week is over!

My oh my, the hands of the office clock moved slowly this week but my home clock seems to be on warp speed!
 After three beautiful sunny days, the weatherman forecast a storm for the weekend.   Strangely enough he was accurate in his predictions!  This morning it poured with rain but I managed to get out and visit Patchwork Passion hoping to cross all six items off my list.   Well, four out of six isn't too bad.
So this afternoon I finished The Pear - a warm wool for the back and a scrap to form the leaf.   Here's Edward Bear providing the necessary support!

Then I made a start on the cover for my Needlework Masters Monthly SAL 2013.   I have all the fabrics for the pages and the lining .   You can read all about this SAL here.   I'm quite pleased with this as I only needed to purchase the fabric for the pages and everything else was from stash.   Now that the cover is stitched I can complete that and add the pages. The strip of silk on the edge of the cover (there will be a strip inside too) is from a kimono hand-dyed by my friend Kazumi's husband.  

Of the list I made for the week  -  well....
1. Complete the baby cardigan for little Tabitha. Finished, packaged and ready to be delivered
2. Complete eyelets on the hardanger project.   Finished
3. Commence stitching on The Hussif Project.   Yes!!

4. Make a start on the Clothes Peg project.  This is tacked out, threads selected and stitching will begin tonight
5. Finish piece two on the Jewellery Box from Judy O'Dell  No -  but this was only ever wishful thinking

This week there will be another "episode" in the Hardanger SAL and I really want to get my clothes peg hussif underway.   I am trying to use up the "corners" of the hardanger project with various smalls so as not to waste the linen. Photographs of this experiment to follow later.
I'm off to cook Chicken, Leek and Kumara Pie for dinner .   Have a good weekend.


  1. The pear is gorgeous! And the silk is beautiful. The hand dyed silk will make the piece even more special for you. Have a great day!

  2. You accomplished quite a lot with your stitching this week, especially considering all the hours devoted to work and not stitching.
    I love the cover fabric on your litle book and have to say I like yours much better than the others posted on the blog so far.

  3. Your pear is delicious!

    I have to say I'm very tempted by the SAL, it does seem like a great project to be involved in.

  4. hello dear, its me cucki from south africa..a new follower of your blog..
    your stitching is so beautiful..
    the pear is so cute..and your book is looking so lovely..ia m still busy with mine..will post the picture soon..
    hugs xxxxx