Sunday, 7 October 2012

And the gaps shall become holes!

So far I am keeping up with A Confetti of Hardanger SAL from The Stitch Specialists.   Last night Lewis and Hathaway kept me engrossed long enough to complete the buttonhole stitch and create the gaps that shall become holes.  
Unfortunately my eyes wouldn't stay open long enough for the eyelets to multiply so that is tonight's project.   I am enjoying this SAL so far and find the fortnightly 'cycle' just sufficiently spaced to enable me to keep up without undue pressure.
Tomorrow another working week starts and with it a new 'to do' list
1. Complete the baby cardigan for little Tabitha.
2. Complete eyelets on the hardanger project.
3. Commence stitching on The Hussif Project.
4. Make a start on the Clothes Peg project.
and just because four is not a lucky number
5. Finish piece two on the Jewellery Box from Judy O'Dell
Hope you all have a satisfying and busy week too.


  1. I love this hardanger project!

  2. What beautiful stitching and what a wonderful name for a girl - it's a name I've always loved.

  3. Oh it is coming on a treat! I am behind in mine after some disastrous stitching sessions. Yours has inspired me to pull mine out again and crack on. Thank you!!!!!