Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pink and white in October

Usually I don't succumb to advertising pressure but every day for the past month I have driven past a huge billboard displaying this icecream, so today I treated the HD3QEM and myself to a most delicious strawberries and cream confection.  White chocolate, praline and strawberry.  Yum! I was under the impression that a certain amount was donated to Breast Cancer research from the sale of this "limited edition" but I can't see that anywhere in the fine print.   Nevertheless it was delicious!!

This afternoon was Embroiderers Guild meeting and a past president brought along a collection of her stitching to show us.   There were several items that made me think "I'd like to do that" so I added them to the "To Do" list in my little notebook.   I will probably need another lifetime to complete all the items on the list, but dreams are free.  
Tonight, to the accompaniment of Antiques Roadshow and Lewis I plan on completing the cross stitches on Shelley's Jewellery box.  
Meanwhile I have the dinner dishes to do and some sorting out of the side table at my needlework spot.
Enjoy your evening.


  1. Mmmm they look yum. I haven't seen them in the UK. X

  2. Hope you had a good evening stitching i too viewed Antique Road show and Lewis and stitch all through them

  3. You have a lot of UK programmes, we love Lewis and DA.

    I will be checking out your book recommendations. I go through so many audiobooks as I stitch.