Friday, 19 October 2012

Oh dear, I don't look as young as I feel!

This week I had a shock.   The 'very young' man at the drycleaners counter asked me how many grandchildren I had.   What!!  Me??  I managed to stutter "none" all the while thinking that I was far too young to be thought to have grandchildren.   I swear his polite comment doubled the number of grey hairs instantly.
But young or old this has been a tiring week and I am grateful we have a long weekend.   Monday is Labour Day when we remember with gratitude our forefathers who fought for a forty hour working week.   Ironic really as I'm contracted for forty two and a half hours in my current job!

So with a nod and a wink to Gretchen Rubin I am happy for the following:
A: Monday is a holiday and as rain is forecast I will not need to wash my car!
B: Downton Abbey Season 3 has begun on the TV and Matthew and Mary are married!
C: I completed part 6 of A Confetti of Hardanger and although this wasn't a new filling stitch for me I confess to a high level of satisfaction with my wrapped bars.
D: The outer case for a small Wessex Stitchery Needlebook is almost completed.  I need to do a few scattered needlewoven flowers on top of the green 'Margaret' stitch.
E: Several hundred more crosses were put into "Shelley's Jewellery Box" without me having a total meltdown.   The front panel is done and maybe by Christmas I will have the back finished???
F: The postman was very kind to me and brought not one but two packages.
Amy sent me some root beer (new taste to me) candy which I am enjoying; this cute little Moon Box; some 40 count linen; silk thread and a chart for a Pansy Box.   Thankyou Amy.
Kazumi knows what I like and she sent me this.    No, it's not a book but a box and I like boxes almost as much as I like books.   Inside were two scarves/shawls and some Japanese food treats.   Thankyou Kazumi.
G: The HD3QEM and I enjoyed and highly recommend this audiobook.
So I finish this week happy but enlightened - I may feel young but I don't look it??


  1. We are so alike! When my friends started having grandchildren, I thought how can that be - I'm not yet old enough to be a parent, so how can they be grandparents?

    I read the Happiness Project blog every day and enjoy getting the daily quote emails.

    I don't know how you manage to work so many hours and still get so much stitching done. Maybe you don't sleep? It's all very beautiful, but I have to say I love the hardanger!

  2. hello deary ,what a sweet post..i love your stitching project so much..
    sending you lots of love and hugs
    cucki xx

  3. You made me smile Margaret with your story about being asked about grandchildren. I was asked the same question over a year ago and I'm still smarting. I know that I'm more than old enough to have some but it still made me think:-)
    I missed your last blog post as I couldn't access it - every time I tried it came up with the previous post for some reason. I love the pear, it is so bonnie.

  4. Oh my I now what you are going through:):)
    Still we are just little girls in our hearts aren´t we?

    Love the hardanger project! So beautifully stitched.
    What adorable gift you recieved from Amy, aren´t our stitcher friends the best ever!
    Good Job on Judy´s Shelley Box project. I too have lots to stitch on my first panels, think I will not be finished for a long time yet.
    Thanks for a lovely post, take care,