Saturday, 27 October 2012

Wouldn't you know it......

Wouldn't you know it!   Not only does the clock go faster on weekends but the weather is always contrary too.   Today has been a beautiful sunny, warm day and I have been indoors at an Embroiderers Guild class!
No complaints really as I thoroughly enjoyed the class.
My first introduction to Tenerife Lace was meeting a photograph around 40 years ago.   Subsequently I purchased a how-to book in 1980 but until today have never really got going.
A piece of discarded polystyrene from work, covered with a scrap of white lawn fabric, a tin of pins and a ball of crochet cotton and away I go.
Pushing all the pins in requires Grandma's thimble!
Then several frustrating minutes later I have completed class sample number one.
Pulling out all the pins required tweezers.   Tenerfie lace sure is hard on the finger tips.   Can you see the bent needle?   Apparently all the "text books" say a curved needle but our tutor had the idea that a slight bend rather than a full curve would be easier to manage.   She's right!   Her husband heats the needles and gently bends them- hence the blackened tip.
The lady next to me had a beautiful green thread and a much thicker block of polystyrene.  
Our tutor showed how we could add beads (might try that) and how needleweaving gives a different look altogether.
So that's all the news for today.   I'm off now to cook dinner and then it's my weekly TV Fest of Antiques Roadshow and Lewis.
See you later.


  1. That is so cute Margaret. Well done you!

  2. I've never heard of this type of lace work, it's very pretty. You are very adventurous in the stitchwork you do Margaret.

  3. This is new to me too. I like it!

  4. Very nice! It's always fun to learn new techniques!

  5. How nice the pieces looks!
    Are this Tenerife Lace used to make
    things for example to the household
    too, or is it mostly for display?
    Very facinating to see your piece.
    I can imagine it is hard on the fingers, so it is good to have extra tools to help.
    Thanks for a fun post, take care,

  6. I think that's a great waste of a sunny day. Nice to learn something new.

  7. That is so pretty. Can't wait to see more!

  8. I am off to find out more about this form of lace. Thank you for sharing your class.