Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Tour For Amy Part 2

Saturday chores are all done and I am about to sit in my favourite spot on the sofa and indulge in some stitching.
But before tha;t; I promised Amy this tour of my needlework,  so today we move on to my bedroom.
On the wall opposite my bed are all my "M" pieces -  most of these were kits and have been stitched at various times over the last twenty years.   At one stage my obsession with M was above normal but now I manage to restrain the urge and apart from one M in the cabinet (photo to come later) and the Sajou M stitched earlier this year there are no more M's in my house!

This was a small kit picked up at the trading table at Guild.   I liked it because it was an M and because it was blue.

This kit was bought to stitch on the plane (pre 9/11 days this) on one of my trips up to Japan.  One kit going there  and then this one coming back.   As I recall there was little stitching done while I was there.

This one is only around 5cm square which is just as well because the frame has real gold leaf on it and was very expensive. I have more sense now!

I couldn't find a  Kate Greenaway M at the time so had to settle for this one instead.

And this one was taken from an Alphabet book - merely to fill in a space on the wall  and because I like peonies.

On top of my Scotch chest is a mat I made - 32 count linen and possibly the most repetitive piece I have ever done.   This drawn thread piece measures around  50cm by 30cm and is loosely based on a Christine Bishop design from an ancient Inspirations magazine.
And on my bedside cabinet is a Naversom mat.   I took a class in this technique with our Embroiderer's Guild and have made several of these in different colourways and given them as gifts.

There are some more pieces to show so do tune in next time for Part 3 of the Tour!

I made a good start this week on my Around The World in 80 Stitches (Papillion SAL) but decided to completely change my colour selection.  Selecting colours when I do not know exactly what the finished design will look like is a major adventure for me but so far I am happy.   I decided that using two strands of floss was too heavy looking so have opted for one strand except for the blue Norwich Stitches which needed the heavier coverage.   So far so good.   There are partial eyelets, back stitch, cross stitch, Norwich Stitch and Berwick Stich in this so far -  Yvonne from Papillion says 80 stitches but I am not sure if she counts the simple ones like cross stitch and back stitch.   We shall see.
Tonight there is a cooking programme I want to watch on TV and then a new series of Midsomer Murders starts so I will probably get lots of stitching done.   Hopefully I will finish off this heart medallion.   I am on morning tea duty at church tomorrow so need to get things ready for that too.  Have a good evening everyone.


  1. You certainly had a thing for "M" designs, they're all lovely. Have a good weekend Margaret, the sun is shining with us this Saturday morning.

  2. I love your "M" collection. You are quite accomplished in drawn thread work. Very impressive! How fun to see your stitching.