Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Tour For Amy Part 1

Today is a public holiday here and I have enjoyed the beautiful golden Autumn day.My long list of "jobs to do" is now all crossed off and I am looking forward to some stitching this evening.
Amy suggested she might like a "tour" after I posted a shot of my cabinet so here we go.  I'll start at the front of the house and work through - so sorry Amy, but the cabinet will be last.
First up are two pieces that are in the HDHBEM's bedroom.   This framed piece was done for Mother's Day many years ago.   I well remember how hard it was to keep this a secret  while stitching it.
Then I made this long runner (nearly 1.5metres) for the top of the large chest of drawers.   It has faded a lot but to the HDHBEM it is precious and she will not part with it.

In around three weeks we are going for a short holiday and I am preparing my stitching already.   Today I parceled up one stitched item to complete, edged the linen of another piece and sorted through the basket of "2012 projects" to find some others.   After all, I will be gone five days and I will need a lot of stitching to keep me going for that time:-)

And so the sun sets on another day.  Have a good evening everyone.


  1. It's funny how when planning a trip, which needlework to take is top of the list:-)

  2. I like this lovely post very much.

    Thank you for sharing.



  3. You have such wonderful stitching pieces in your house. If I go on a trip, I just take every stitching project I might want to work on with me:-)