Sunday, 15 April 2012

Catch up

Today the HDHBEM and I went to the LNS and I stocked up on some necessities   Floss for projects I am about to commence and small gold scissors for an upcoming project.   My boss gave me a small spherical tin in gold and black which I think will make a wonderful "hussif" so I want to get to and make a scissor fob, needle book and mini biscornu in black and gold to match.   At the moment I am thinking blackwork rather than cross stitch but who knows.   Our Embroiderer's Guild exhibition is in August and I hope to have this completed by then.    
Bad photo this but I have signed up for the Around the World in 80 Stitches SAL and I bought the greens for the base - there are 8 floral colours as well and I had those in my stash and the 32 count raw linen is also from stash.   How good is that.   I know, I know there are more than 8 colours there -  but I haven't made my mind up yet!
Chameleon Perle thread for the "mystery gift" I am currently working on.   Here's a sneak teaser photo.   I love the subtle variations of the Chameleon threads and also the fact that they are in small hanks that are much more suitable for many smaller projects but DMC perle is cheaper for cords and tassels.
Judy O'Dell has a new project of a stitched jewellery box on her Message Board and I have started that too.   I am intrigued at her technique of stitching everything in basic cross stitch and then by adding "extra" stitches turning this base into specialty stitches like Dutch Stitch, Rice Stitch, Smyrna Cross etc.   It is the first time I have heard of that technique but it strikes me as being remarkably efficient and requiring less "reverse stitching".   As I am not fond of the purple which the designer chose so I have changed the colour on the flowers to two shades of blue and can see that this will cause me some worry until the project is complete -  I have no confidence in my own ability to choose colours and usually follow the instructions of the designer.  Again this new project is part of my stash reduction and I did not have to purchase any new fabric or floss.  However I will need to buy the petite beads.
I have another short week -  next Friday I am having a skin cancer taken off my back.   Isn't that a good excuse to sit and stitch?   I may not feel like doing much more.
Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Dear Margaret, your stitching is beautiful. Can you tell me what the stitches on the second photo are called? I would love to learn them but I'm not sure where to look for instructions. Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Margaret, I am signed up for the new Papillon Creations SAL too. I haven't posted anything about it yet but I did start it last night. I haven't done one of these before so it took me awhile to pick my colors. However, I am loving the results so far. Good Luck!

  3. What is the pattern for the second photo? It's so beautiful!

  4. You're going to be busy, I do like your choices. I hope all goes well on Friday.

  5. The beginnings of some beautiful projects. Hope your llittle surgery goes well. CJ in OK ;-)

  6. Hello

    I love that photo of your thread and fabric all ready to start stitching your next project.
    The stitching in the second photo looks very pretty, can't wait to see the finished thing.
    Best wishes for Friday.

  7. Beautiful starts and processes - and I love those perle flowers!


  8. I'm compiling a list of bloggers stitching the Papillon (with Yvonne's kind permission). May I add your name to the list please?
    I'm ordering my fabric on payday as I don't have anything big enough, I really need more fabric in my stash pile LOL.
    I love your mystery stitch too, it's beautiful, like embroidered lace.